Our Story

SlideWave, LLC was originally founded in late 2014 by software and technology entrepreneur David Daeschler to partner with companies to solve complex software problems. With the addition of UX and UI design services, SlideWave is a full stack development company that melds form and function together into a superior, beautifully functional result.

The Team

With over thirty years of software development experience across the company, SlideWave developers have designed complex and distributed software systems, built mobile applications and games for Android and iOS, developed compilers and virtual machines, and contributed thousands of hours to open source projects.

This includes:

  • Designing a WebGL based viewer for virtual world models
  • Developing a scalable Apache Cassandra based inventory storage and retrieval system now storing over 800 GB of inventory data across 8 cluster nodes
  • Developing the Phlox compiler and virtual machine
  • Developing Docker based software delivery system

The SlideWave development team works with organizations that need UX/UI design, software architecture, and development with a focus on high performance and exacting quality. If the software doesn’t add value to your organization, we don’t want to build it.

Get to know us

David Daeschler
CEO, Founder


Over the course of his seventeen-year career, David has designed complex and distributed software systems, designed a compiler/VM, worked with big data systems, and worked extensively with 3d simulation in physics, network communications, and high performance computing. He develops in many languages, platforms and frameworks, including C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Node.js, SQL, Android, iOS, WebGL, and React/React native.

In his spare time, David runs Dinner and Code, mentors for 3 Day Startup, and spends time teaching his baby girl how to make funny faces.