Our Story

SlideWave was founded in 2014 by software and technology entrepreneur David Daeschler. SlideWave is a custom app development firm providing superior UX design that makes software a joy to use. We serve companies that are ready to accelerate their business, empower employees, and give customers a phenomenal brand experience. Above all, we are excited to work with businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world.

Message from SlideWave Founder David Daeschler

David Daeschler
CEO, Founder


“I founded SlideWave because there is no excuse for sloppy software development. Real people are affected every day by poorly designed apps that steal their time and their enjoyment of work and life. Things don’t have to be that way, and my team is determined to do something about it.”

The Team

Our team of experienced developers are enthusiastic, excited, and proud to create superior applications for our clients.

With over thirty years of software development experience across the company, SlideWave developers have designed complex and distributed software systems, built mobile applications and games for Android and iOS, developed compilers and virtual machines, and contributed thousands of hours to open source projects.

Examples include:

  • Designing a WebGL-based viewer for virtual-world models.
  • Developing a scalable Apache Cassandra-based inventory storage and retrieval system now storing over 800 GB of inventory data across 8 cluster nodes.
  • Developing the Phlox compiler and virtual machine.
  • Developing a Docker-based software delivery system.

The SlideWave full stack development team works with organizations that need UX/UI design, software architecture, and development with a focus on high performance and exacting quality.

If the software adds no value to your organization, we don’t want to build it.

Our Vision: “In our ideal world, every app is artfully designed to give people the gift of time.”

Our Mission: “SlideWave is committed to helping businesses have a positive impact on the world by crafting applications that eliminate user frustration and reclaim countless hours of precious time.”