We care about our communities and the people in them.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-- Mahatma Gandhi

The Future or Bust

SlideWave, its founders, and its employees are proud to be participating in, and in some cases running organizations whose missions are to improve the lives of the people around us, and inspire the next generation of thinkers who will build the world’s next great products and businesses.

We are proud to be sponsoring, participating in, or running the organizations below. We invite you to join us, and help make a difference in the world.

Dinner & Code

Dinner and Code is an opportunity for you to learn to code in a beginner-friendly environment. Eat good food, work on a project (or bring your own), find a mentor or be a mentor, and network with leading programming experts, recruiters, and entrepreneurs in San Antonio, Texas (and soon Orlando, Florida!)

SlideWave sponsors and facilitates all Dinner and Code events.

3 Day Startup

Founded by a diverse group of students that saw unexpressed potential for startups in higher education, the 3 Day Startup program debuted at the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. 3 Day Startup’s mission is to activate entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

SlideWave’s David Daeschler frequently mentors for 3 Day Startup programs that are held in the San Antonio area.

The Burrito Project

Burrito Project is a group of friends that feeds the hungry and homeless in cities around the world, encouraging people “to get together with friends and roll burritos to take to the streets”. No political, religious, or party views of sorts. People helping people. The SATX chapter is run by SlideWave’s own Sr. Full Stack Developer, Tony Chidester.

SlideWave covers some of the costs associated with the project, provides a facility to make burritos, and provides organizational and functional assistance.