HIPAA and Healthcare

Data integrity is critical when someone’s health depends it

Protecting your users’ personal health information is a serious matter

It is the responsibility of medical and healthcare organizations, startups, and researchers to protect their users’ personal health information (PHI). Whether that user is a patient visiting a hospital or clinic, someone reviewing their own health records, or someone signing up for research, that user inherently trusts that the company or organization is doing everything in its power to protect them — both digitally and physically.

Digital security isn’t just a great thing to have, it’s mandated by HIPAA, and therefore carries a lot of legal and financial liability for a company of any size. It’s not worth the risk to hope that nothing bad happens, you must act with diligence to ensure that your users’ data is protected and compliant.

No matter the project, user privacy and regulatory compliance are always top priority

With decades of software and security experience behind us, SlideWave has what it takes to be your partner when building out HIPAA compliant applications and databases. Not only can we design and implement systems that comply with the most stringent HIPAA regulations, but we’ll also ensure that it is fully compliant with all applicable consumer privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Benefits of using SlideWave

  • No outsourcing, U.S. company
  • Secure and compliant technology
  • Fixed scope pricing
  • Agile team

Our goal is to build the technology solutions your organization needs, within the regulation you adhere to.