Save money on endless code changes by starting every project with a great user experience.

Product Discovery

Have a product or application idea but not sure where to start? With our product discovery, we can help you flesh out your ideas and give you a clear roadmap of how to execute. This typically involves kick off meetings to understand your vision, see where you want to take it, and determine how you to reach your goals.

Persona Development

Understanding your users and their tasks is key to creating outstanding user experiences. Persona development helps you create an experience tailored just for them. SlideWave experts will research your target demographic and really start to understand what makes them tick.

User Journey Map

Great user experiences begin with logical workflows. Documenting the paths a user will take in your application will help you find gaps in the user experience that you may have missed. A journey map is a series of steps that represent a scenario where a user interacts with your software. It enables stakeholders to have a high level overview of the interactions and journey through an experience.


We offer digital and quick sketch wireframe concepts to help define information hierarchy. Wireframes help to drive people to decide what is most important when going through the design process. These quick sketches will lead the direction of the design.

High Resolution Mockups

Our iterative design approach not only includes wireframing, but continually refining our designs to make exceptional user experiences. Once we have defined where our user will go through their journey and have gained insight from wireframes, we start the process of creating pixel-perfect high resolution mockups.

Clickable Prototype

After high resolution mockups have been created we can easily turn those into a realistic clickable prototype to validate with users. This process doesn’t require months of coding. Instead, we create a realistic version of the experience to validate the design before incurring expensive engineering costs.

UXR - Test Sessions

It has been shown in research studies that five is the magic number of users to test to identify the most important usage patterns. 85% of user experience problems can be identified after testing with just 5 people. This is the approach we take when running test sessions with our prototypes. We will work with you to recruit your target users and run the tests. The prototype will be tweaked between sessions based on user feedback.

UXR - Validation Report

Based on the test sessions a validation report will be created and presented. This will include a summary of the findings and recommendations going forward.

Style Guide

A style guide containing the visual design specs and asset library will be created to aid in the implementation of your product. You may also engage our engineering service to build your product. With a full stack team, we can do everything from front end to back end on just about any platform.

We designed the mobile app for MilTribe so that their users could have a seamless user experience regardless of what device they use.

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