Initial quality. Long term maintainability. Test driven correctness.

Only the best

Each SlideWave team member has worked on and led multiple software development projects from start to finish. You get the decades of experience that our agile team provides and let us deal with worrying about insurance and benefits.

All this often for the cost of a single senior developer, with twice as much accountability.

On time and in budget

We don’t believe in hourly billing. We run on a cost contained model that eliminates the need for you to struggle with budgeting every time something needs to be done. Subconsciously, we’ll work to find ways to do things better and more efficiently. This raises the quality of your software, and gets it to market faster.

No project is too complex

Our project experience ranges from bootstrapped startups to multi-million dollar enterprises. It’s likely that we’ve worked in an environment of your size before.

Agile through and through

The iterative nature of agile development means that benefits (often revenue-based) can be seen quicker. We’ll tackle your most important challenges first so that you can start delivering to your customers. Agile development is less risky, because stakeholders (you) get to see progress and valuable deliverables every sprint.

Quality results through process

Testing is integrated into each sprint, meaning that quality issues are caught earlier. We don’t call it done until we know what we’re delivering works.

Full stack… (no, we really mean it)

We use the right tools for the job. We don’t write web apps where native mobile apps provide the optimal user experience. Our developers aren’t limited to just web technologies or single mobile platforms. We have worked with all of the following platforms, languages, and libraries.

  • Bootstrap
  • C#
  • C++
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Docker
  • Apple iOS
  • Node JS
  • Android
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Elastic
  • Cassandra
  • Rackspace
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • OpenGL
  • WebGL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • React
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our joint effort with the U.S. Army STTC and the University of Central Florida on complex and performance oriented 3d engineering is expanding the capabilities of the MOSES project.

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