EctoScan 3D

EctoScan 3D is developing a revolutionary, handheld 3d medical scanner that uses the power of light to generate images that can be used for objective diagnosis. When discovery hit a snag, they called on SlideWave to help them develop their user experience, and provide a software blueprint.

Software Discovery and Design

When "Who" Is More Important Than "What"

As is often the problem on new projects and especially new platforms, EctoScan 3D had the difficult job of determining which of the target personas they had in mind would be a best fit for their MVP. Having multiple great sounding use cases seemed ideal until it came time to develop the user experience. When it comes to creating a refined and seamless experience around an MVP, there is one golden rule: The less distractions, the better the outcome.

Through intense discovery meetings both on and offsite at the EctoScan 3D facilities, SlideWave assisted in determining the best user personas to complete a user journey.


Knowing Where You're Going

With the ideal user personas determined, SlideWave UX developers created multiple user journeys through the application. This roadmap coupled with wire-framing for the most complex of EctoScan 3D’s user interfaces provides a clear path forward for development.

As part of the blueprint, SlideWave software architects provided EctoScan 3D with an outline of the skills required by prospective developers and designers to be able to successfully complete the project.

In the last sections of the blueprint, a list of technologies and software that would be utilized were provided. Finally, a rough cost and development timeline was developed to give EctoScan 3D principals everything they need to understand the depth and scope of their software project.

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