Premier Wines

Premier Wine & Spirits hosts the largest physical wine and spirits store in the United States. The popularity of their brand also creates some large challenges that they’ve called on SlideWave engineers to solve.

Backend Engineering

Process Ensures Excellence

When even an hour of downtime can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue lost, it is critically important to design an environment where changes can be implemented and tested without the risk of disruption. To help Premier meet their quality goals, SlideWave took the reins and developed a development, staging, and production environment based on custom scripting, Docker containers, and AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk.

Custom software and control panels allow site changes and data integration to be isolated and predictable. Updates to Premier’s Magento environment can be pushed from development, checked, and rolled forward into production only after it is verified that all the pieces are working properly together.

Fault Tolerance

When It Just Can't Fail

Utilizing AWS’s elastic beanstalk, multi-az database deployments, and S3 for images and other static content, Premier’s backend infrastructure is designed from the ground up to be fault tolerant. Interruptions in any single instance will be handled gracefully so that the wine can continue flowing to customers.

Scalable Software

Keeps Going Even When the Going Gets Tough

Heavy loads and changing conditions due to popular items and flash sales are no problem due to an infrastructure designed to scale. RDS and Amazon Aurora instances ensure that the databases can be scaled as needed, while a stateless front-end can be automatically scaled out as needed based on CPU and IO demand.

Learn More About Preimer

Premier Liquor consists of independently owned and operated wine stores in three different cities in the state of NY. With the largest selection of premium wins and prmier spirits, each Premier wine store boasts something for everyone. Visit Premier to find out more.