Randy Shepard™ & Associates, Inc.

Randy Shepard & Associates is a consulting company whose sole focus is to provide quality warranty claims processing for car dealerships. To increase efficiency and accuracy, they hired SlideWave to develop a native application.

Full Stack Development

Initrack: The "Soup to Nuts" Solution

RS&A needed to solve one big problem: errors due to manual entry. Before SlideWave, manual claim entry, tracking, and shipping was tedious, expensive, and error-prone. David's job was to build software that would automate RS&A's existing workflow and allow for checks and balances that kept RS&A's claim data as accurate as possible.

David's solution was to build an all-in-one software product that includes:

  • Automation of claim data entry
  • Claims lifecycle tracking
  • Accounting & Invoicing
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Shipping tracking and billing
  • Payroll and time tracking
  • Paperless integration
  • Document scanning integration
  • Web based client claim viewer

David's solution was to build an all-in-one sofware product that includes:

"The Whole program, if I told you, 'Oh we have this program that he designed, 'you'd go, 'oh, that sounds interesting.' But if I told you everything that it does, you'd be like, 'how the hell did he do that?'

Randy Shepard Jr., CTO

Why Custom Software

While off-the-shelf sotware existed that would perform each the functions RS&A needed, implementing them would require separate licenses, development, and management of each component as well as continuous work to integrate the APIs of each pice. It would also mean employees would ahve to jump from application to application to get work done. The non-custom alternative would have forced the company to move from established, efficient internal processes to new processes that were tailored to the software's user interface. By working with SlideWave, RS&A received software that was designed with only RS&A's existing business processes, goals, and customers in mind. A single solutino that continues to evolve alngside the company.

Why David and SlideWave?

The biggest thing is his knowledge and everything that he knows. So, obviously when he came in he didn't know how our business worked. But he learned how it worked and he's seen the process and seen how it works, and he came up with ideas to improve it. Not just to say, 'well you should do this, because...' instead it's, Well this will save you here. You should do this and do this. So for all intents and purposes, when we came up with a problem he figures out a solutino for it... So you get something working and later something changes and you just figure it out. You can get pissy about it or you can either be a part of the problem or you can be a part of the solution. He likes to be a part of the solutino, so that's really good for us."

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Randy Shepard and Associates has delivered warranty claims processing for automotive dealerships since 1979. Their software automation combined with a steady focus on quality, accuracy, and efficiency allows dealers to maintain consistent cash flow and see a quick claim turnaround.
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