Our Work

We've worked with companies big and small.

Industries include ecommerce, military, health & fitness, automotive and more.

We designed the mobile app for MilTribe so that their users could have a seamless user experience regardless of what device they use.

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Services: UX, UI Design, Front-End Development, Backend Engineering

Our joint effort with the U.S. Army STTC and the University of Central Florida on complex and performance oriented 3d engineering is expanding the capabilities of the MOSES project.

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Services: High Performance Development, WebGL, Real Time Networking

When EctoScan needed some help in finding their direction, we provided a software blueprint that put them on the right track.

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Services: UX, Software Discovery & Design

Scaling out a massive online wine and liquor store is no small feat. We put Docker and AWS to work to create a smooth checkout experience for Premier’s customers.

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Services: Backend Engineering, Fault Tolerance, Scalable Software

Process automation, paperless tracking, and integration with external systems made this native C++ application an essential part of RS&A’s everyday operations.

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Services: Full Stack Development, C++, Native Application