Go to Market with a Winning Design

This is your opportunity to get software right…from the start.

As a startup, you have an unprecedented opportunity to impact the marketplace by creating new apps to engage and serve your customers. But being the first to deliver an app that frustrates or confuses users is a step in the wrong direction and can hurt your brand’s reputation.

We Understand What’s at Stake for Your Emerging Business

That’s one reason we provide mentorship for the local startup community. It’s also why we advocate for startups to seek out expertise from the beginning. Our team is available for your high-priority projects at far less than the cost of an internal team. But cost is only one consideration.

Too many startups simply find a person with PHP or other programming skills and hope that developer will learn and grow with the company. We believe startups should have the time to build their internal team with care. Having truly experienced design and development specialists on hand reduces the risks associated with premature hiring.

Additional Benefits of Bringing SlideWave on Board

  • Rapid development to meet your timeline
  • Low risk, iterative delivery
  • Budget-aligned pricing
  • Less burden on your existing team
  • More value for customers
  • Meet or exceed investor expectations

We take your startup seriously. Our reputation hinges on your success.

Startups Need Business Process Software Too

Already have an internal team in place for your product development? They probably have their hands full getting your innovation to market. That means there’s less time to create the technology that makes your business tick behind the scenes. At SlideWave, we’re happy to stay out of the limelight and develop the workhorse apps that capture opportunities for automation and help you scale your operations.