Startups and small businesses have no time to waste if they want to grow and thrive.

SlideWave focuses on serving funded startups and small businesses that are ready to accelerate their growth using expertly crafted tech solutions. We serve clients locally in Texas and remotely across the globe. Our clients come from every sector including military, medical, automotive, and e-commerce.

Are You a Great Fit for SlideWave?

We especially enjoy working with clients who:

  • Are proud of their product or service.
  • Want to make a positive impact.
  • Care about giving every customer and employee a great experience.
  • Get excited about the possibilities for innovation.
  • Have never hired an outside software team before and want to make their first experience a great one.

We take your startup seriously. Our reputation hinges on your success.

Types of Projects

We love building apps from scratch, but we can also improve on existing software.

We have the experience to take on complex projects that require special expertise. For example, we can work in multiple languages, deal with emerging tech like AR/VR, and integrate systems and hardware.

We can design and build internally facing apps to streamline business operations, or outwardly facing apps that are part of your product or service.

Can we help you leverage technology to reach your business goals? Let’s find out. Contact us for a no-cost consultation to assess your custom software needs.