With App Development, Experience Matters

You deserve to experience working with a great custom software company.

At SlideWave, we help clients gain and maintain competitive advantage or bring entirely new solutions to market. These apps can be used to streamline and enhance business operations or serve as part of the core product/service driving revenue.

Here’s what makes us different.

We take budget constraints seriously.

Our fixed pricing keeps your project on track/within budget and focused on outcomes rather than efforts. Plus, we’re not into adding features just for the sake of features. We offer honest feedback to help clients make wise decisions—even if it means less money for us.

We do REAL research and discovery.

Our goal is to build ONLY the features and functionality that users need and want, creating a seamless flow throughout the application. Refining and adjusting the design before writing code reduces the need for costly and time-consuming rework later.

We only hire top developers.

Our team is hand-picked for experience, skill, and attitude—and each person is excited to work on your app. We are not limited to one language or toolset and can match your project with the right technology to provide the ideal user experience.

We address what matters most.

Development is prioritized to deliver a workable, useful product as soon as possible. You can review and change priorities with each new sprint if needs/requirements change. User feedback at each stage means we deliver software users love.

We deliver software that works.

No business can afford to risk spending on an app that doesn’t even function. Good upfront design and iterative, test-driven development mean SlideWave software is largely bug-free on delivery at each sprint.

You are never stuck with us.

Your software should never be held hostage by a development company. As a SlideWave client, you will receive clean, documented, maintainable code that’s all yours. That’s how it should be.